In 2005, the seeds for LDC were planted when NZCA National President Kai Luey raised the idea of a youth leadership development camp, where its concept would be similar to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, but with a cultural twist. The idea was to provide an environment where Chinese youth, both local and overseas born, could go on a journey of self-discovery and build relationships with other Chinese persons of similar ages and background. Since the inaugural event in 2007, LDC has become an immensely popular annual NZCA event with camps hosted by the Auckland, Wellington and Manawatu branches. Over 150 delegates have attended LDCs from all over New Zealand and internationally, including Australia and the United States. 

A national initiative, the New Zealand Chinese Association's Leadership and Development Conference (LDC) is a "live-in" seminar for people between the ages of 18 and 30. It aims to provide a fun, relevant and effective training experience that will enable young leaders to understand their unique identity as Chinese New Zealanders. Delegates who attend this conference will be the future leaders of New Zealand and its Chinese community; it is the intention of the organising committee to:


"Create leaders that will shape our future"


LDC will be a place for delegates to understand and realise their leadership potential, throughout a 5 day conference that will involve a range of activities and guest speakers. The conference offers an environment that allows delegates to develop their leadership and communication skills, as well as providing a better understanding of their Chinese heritage and the importance of their role in New Zealand's growing multicultural society. Accomplished guest speakers from all around New Zealand of various backgrounds will present insight on how they gained a leadership edge in today's society. The date for the conference will be from 3 - 8 February 2019. It is aimed at Chinese young people who have an interest in making a positive impact on the local Chinese community within New Zealand, and to enrich their outlook on life both personally and professionally.


Our Programme

The LDC programme will include presentations, indoor and outdoor leadership activities, as well as group and panel discussions. A wide range of eminent and high achieving personalities will present on aspects of the 2019 conference theme: Leadership, Identity and our Future. Delegates will also take a Myers Briggs Personality Type test prior to the conference, so that a personalised profile can be presented on arrival. A leadership project will be undertaken by the delegates throughout the week, culminating in a presentation to a panel of guest judges. The programme will provide an environment in which young people can develop their leadership, teamwork and communication skills. The programme will include:

  • Leadership through self understanding (includes an individual Personality type assessment)

  • Practical life skills

  • Leadership through understanding, wisdom and perspective: through the history of Chinese in New Zealand and our dual identity as Chinese Kiwis

  • Leadership in the community

  • Leadership in business

  • Leadership in action and sport

  • Leadership through team work

  • Building lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals

 Affliation to NZCA
In order to attend NZCA LDC 2019, all applicants must be a member of a branch of the NZCA. If you are not a branch member of the NZCA, please contact the branch in your region or visit our Details & Contact page for more information. 


LDC is a great opportunity for NZCA’s branches to collectively recognise, support and inspire worthy young people from our local communities and to provide skills to enhance their futures. Each NZCA branch is invited to forward applications from members who meet the criteria. 

  • Applicants must be aged between 18 and 30 as at 1st January 2019.  
  • The application form must be received by the Organising Committee in full by 31st October 2018 and endorsed by the applicant’s NZCA branch.
  • Following the closing date for applications, the Organising Committee will review all applications to determine the final delegates for LDC 2019.

Successful applicants will be notified that they have been chosen as delegates in mid-November. An information pack will be provided to all delegates at least one week prior to the commencement of the conference.

LDC 2019 is largely subsidised through funding from the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust and the NZCA National Office.